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Some of our current projects include:

  • Experiments In The Chaos Theory
  • Some of our active participants:

    Sidd - computer wizard, physicist

    D.J. - sales (and a little piano)

    PSE Help!

    Capn - producer and editor of computer multi-media stuph

    Leflaw - guitar n' law

    Wally - webdrone guitarist

    Chuck - Click on his name to view an "index of things he made that fly"

    Joel - international correspondent

    Thadious - webdrone and one man band

    Willie - computer multi-media wiz animator, videograpaher

    Jim McClinton - Bass

    Steve Holloway - Drums

    Michael Stegner - keyboard instruments and vocals

    Todd - keyboards and fizix

    Doc - guinea pig trainer

    Dan - student, multimedia and sci-fi guy

    Dave - advertising, publishing, law, & etc.

    Grafix - graphics and producer of "catching flies"

    Honey - graphics, sings, dances and plays rock-n-roll

    Oak - student at Villanova and virtual reality guru

    RolloBob - videographer

    C. Moore - philosopher, webdrone and one man band
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