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This page is an ongoing project to create a central list of railroad roster on the 'net. The list is made up of rosters I've compiled myself, rosters people have sent to me, and links to rosters on other sites. In addition, I have compiled several photo features dealing with various railroad topics.

I am actively seeking people to assist in updating these rosters, contribute new rosters, and contribute material for new photo features. I'm particularly interested in doing rosters for groups of related roads ("families") and lease fleets. If you know of another site with rosters, or would like to contribute a roster or other material, drop me an email.

Last updated: November 1, 1997. Changes this update: additional photos in snowfighting and New England photo features, all major rosters and many minor rosters updated. I have included all new material currently in my possession. If you have sent something and it has not been included, it has probably been lost; please re-send it. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I am planning bi-monthly updates, so the next major updating will take place early in January. There may be minor updates at any time.

Photo Features

Snowfighting Equipment

Edaville Railroad

New England Railroading

Horseshoe Curve


Diesel Production Statistics

List of all diesel locomotive builders, and production statistics for all diesels.

List of Microprocessor Locomotives

Summary of all microprocessor-equipped locomotives constructed for the US, Mexico and Canada.

Unit Rosters

"Survivors" lists, production records, and the like.

Historical and All-Time Rosters

A look back in history at roads and locomotives no longer with us.

Major North American Freight Roads

The big North American roads -- CR, CSX, NS, BNSF, UP, CP, CN, FNM

Regionals Railroad Rosters

All the big North American regionals, many smaller regionals, single-commodity carriers, and the entire G&W family.

Shortline Rosters

A variety of shortline rosters from the US & Mexico.

Passenger Railroad Rosters

All the long-haul and commuter operations in North America. Does not include tourist or dinner train operations.

Builders and Lease Fleet Rosters

The major locomotive builders and leasefleets.

Rotary Snowplows List

A list of all surviving rotary snowplows.

NMRA's Worldwide Rail Links

A massive list of rail-related WWW sites

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