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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for the and alt.books.tom-clancy newsgroups. These newsgroups are for discussions of books written by Tom Clancy, movies made from books written by Tom Clancy, and Tom Clancy himself.

This FAQ is divided into three parts: General, Books, and Movies. The first part contains etiquette and general questions & information. The second part covers the books written by Tom Clancy. The third part covers the movies made from books written by Tom Clancy.

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Contents of the FAQ

General Information

About the Newsgroup Is that *really* Tom Clancy posting here? Netiquette -- Spoiler Warnings Netiquette -- Contacting Mr. Clancy About the Authors Tom Clancy Larry Bond Steve Pieczenik Abbreviations and Acronyms Tom Clancy Mailing List About the FAQ

The Books

Questions & Answers B1: Abbreviations & Acronyms B2: List of Tom Clancy's books, and publication/storyline order B3: In what order should I read Clancy's books? B4: What is Clancy's best book? B5: What other authors write books like Clancy's? B6: Where did Jack Ryan *really* go to college? B7: What is Bug Juice? B8: When will the next book be published? B9: Why isn't Op-Center up to Clancy's normal standards? B10: Op Center: why don't the book and the movie match? B11: What happened to "Reality Check"? B12: Was Ryan really confirmed at the end of DOH? B13: What did the final question in EO mean? B14: Time conflicts in the books B15: Ryan's Intelligence Stars B16: Did Trent and Fellows survive DoH? B17: What is the next book? Will Jack Ryan by back? Publishing Record Plot Summaries Characters

The Movies

Questions & Answers M1: Do the movies take place in the same order as the books? M2: Why did the Jack Ryan actors change? M3: Why does Hollywood mess with the plots so much? M4: Where did Jack Ryan *really* go to college? M5: Is Without Remorse being made into a movie? M6: Op-Center: why don't the book and the movie match? M7: What is the next movie? Move Title Credits Plot Summaries Cast of Characters

Other Sites

If you're looking for other Tom Clancy sites, here are a few to get you started:
George's Tom Clancy Page
Tom Clancy Home Page
Putnam Publishing's Tom Clancy Page
Another Tom Clancy Page

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