My friends tell me to pronounce it "Delta" or sumpin' Greek-like.

Isn't it called an equilateral triangle?

I only it know it as...

To Cause A Change

It worked! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The original project (see below) was so successful that it spawned a global project known as Amateur and professional musicians (like Peter Gabriel), videographers, artists, photographers, and other entertainers have united for altruism.

To Cause A Change is a solo project being conducted under the auspice of The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment by Murdeza~ Crows. It is about how an individual (namely me, myself and I) can be individual while also being part of something larger (namely mankind, society and the culture of Earth).

I am forming a band -- The Force Of Delta. The call is out both far and wide... for any human that wants to join. Just sign-in below.

Join Us In The Studio

Are ya ready to rock? Cause we're already rollin'. Digital video, mini-discs, 2 dozen computers, equipment by Korg, Ensonic, Casio and Ibanez, 5 CD-ROM burners, software by Linux, Adobe and Cakewalk, mp3 and mpeg4 converters, are just a few of the instruments that we are tuning up. So, crank up the volume and feel free to join in.

On The Table

The First Single

Smoke On The Water (Technojig Mix)
Click here for an instant mp3

The Album

  1. Is (guts)
  2. Mary (guts)
  3. Smoke On The Water (guts)
    Cover version of the song found on Side 2 of the Deep Purple classic 33 1/3 record album & 8-track tape, Machine Head
  4. Roadkill (guts)
  5. Tether (part 3) (guts)
  6. Needlenose and Linesman's Pliers, a Crescent Wrench and Some Guitars (guts)
  7. Change (guts)

Murdeza~ Crows & the Force of Delta

Murdeza~ Crows -- Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, Percussion, Harmonica, Accordion, Mandolin

Cool Hand -- Guitars

Danielle -- Bell, Vocals

Chris -- Vocals

Sidd -- 2nd Grip

Big Block -- Tools & Workshop

Capn' -- drums on Tether III
Marty -- bass on Tether III

Join The Force

Become a member of The Force Of Delta... we're changing the World.
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What energy can you bring to The Force?

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Thank you.

Links For A Change

The Membrane Domain
The Think Tank

The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment Publishing Company
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