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Words and music by
Murdeza~ Crows
(aka @ least 2x flock of bird... same feather)

Heavy Metal Spiritual

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What's On Mary's Mind Mini-concert
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Mary's Raw Guts
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The view is from above a church on Christmas Eve...
as the patrons sing Silent Night and pass the light of a candle.

silent night @

verse (play upbeat backbeat)
Mary, can you tell me,
the way that things will be?
Mary, can you tell me,
what's gonna happen to me?

Mary, will you show me,
the way to fine thee?
Mary, can'tcha help me,
... help me to see.

bridge to chorus
Mother Mary @

chorus (sing death metal-like)
She said, "bend down low,
and listen close.
I'm about to give ya,
a healthy dose.

Bend down low.
Take a look.
Get a glimpse of,
the forbidden book.

blood red sky @

Hell will reign,
over your head.
And, you'll be wishin',
you were dead.

The nighttime sky,
turns blood red.
Will all the regrets,
fill your head?

bridge to verse

Mary, now you've told me,
the way that things will be?

Mary, won't ya pray,
for what happens to me?


Mary, will you show me,
the way to fine thee?
Mary, cantcha help me,
... help me to see.

The Band

Murdeza~ Crows -- Vocals, Keyboards, Video
Cool Hand -- Guitar
Carolers on Christmas Eve add backing vocals with "Angels On High"

additional animation by Capn'

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