Dogs Tooth Violet is a melodic alternative metal band.
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Honey Bane

  • Adrian St. John

  • Luca Zamberlin
  • Due to a dramatic lack of bassists who can play, we are without a permanent bass player
    (and always looking.)

    Our most recent recordings, Hole, Daddy and Their Eyes Closed were recorded with a guy called Stuart Waterman. We write together as a band except lyrics which are written by Honey. Everyone's input in the songs is essential to what makes it work, including Drums (for those of you who still believe that drum parts don't contribute to the writing of a song). I can assure you they are as important as anything else. We try to express ourselves and our feelings to the full; and if any of us felt that this had to be held back in anyway, we wouldn't be here now. This is just a basic introduction to a band that has been together for two years ... is battling away in London, England where the rock vibe is very much underestimated ... and misunderstood by an industry with so many resources ... and so little creative vision left for the ninety's.