Only the musicians (acting as conduits) have anything to do with the recording process. The individuals set up their own equipment and recording levels. Without rehearsing or practicing, the crowd plays. The entire space - from within the individual, through the recording location, to the beyond ... and back again - is utilized (making headphones a real experience.) Shocking! The sounds of these spontaneous melodies are captured using the simplest method available ... no meddling ... nor posing ... is possible.

Grasp The Lapse

The intent is to create a tapestry of sound, within which transcendent utterances are woven. So, perhaps what sounds irregular on the first listen, will later become a point of amazement?

If you have tried "spontaneous combustion", you might know the trap of only listening to yourself. That can be a dangerous thing. Whether it is the process of your hands, mind and mouth working together ... or your bassist and drummer ... or your job and lover ... to get it to fit together and not be stagnant is a feat, indeed. Should you have the occasion to grasp our lapse, and turn it into something cool ... well, then ... phar out.

Of course this isn't what you have been spoon fed for the last ump-teen years. How to best describe it? Perhaps a simile-like metaphor would help illustrate:

Hamburg vs. Thanksgiving dinner.

The hamburg you are used to hearing was prepared using the "put-em-through-tha-grinder" method depicted in Diagram "A."

The Thanksgiving feast we hope to prepare uses the "expose-tha-soul" method.

No need to be afraid. If you don't like the cranberry sauce, don't eat it. You know? Everyone has soul, so please, come and join us.

Dinner's ready!

The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment