is a multinational communication, technology and energy project. Experiments, research and development are conducted in these areas in isolation, as well as, in areas where these fields overlap.

Ideally, in the realm of communication we would understand a universal language. Sometimes this goal is nearly achieved, for instance, the phrase -- "a picture tells a thousand words." Pictures, photos, graphics, music, videos, moving pictures and similar media often transcend language barriers. Currently, we reach multi-millions of viewers worldwide on a monthly basis through our network of communities. Overcoming language barriers is one of the goals at the top of our agenda.

One of our experiments is to test our communications philosophy. These theories are applied to commercial and non-commercial messages.

In the realm of energy, we search for green / Earth-friendly answers to help solve the human induced climate change problem including emissions trading and carbon credits.

Perhaps some day we will effectively be able to communicate our energy and environmental policies. In the interim, we seek enlightenment through science and technology (IT).

If you would like to help, it would be appreciated.