Obelisks and Towers

Obelisks and towers have outstanding sculptural presence in the garden, on the patio or near any entrance-way. We created "King", "Queen' and "Bishop' with 3 distinct personalities. They look great alone or with plants. "Tredlage Pillar" is extra tall and narrow to create a maximum effect in a compact space. "Rapunzel," with a hinged cap for easy potted plant access, works indoors and out. Towers 18 and 19 are fabricated in 1/2 inch square steel tubing. Obelisks 20 through 22 are 3/4 inch square steel tubing.

#18 Rapunzel 6'3" x 21" x 21"
19 Treilage Pillar 8'10" x 1' x 1'
20 King 7'5" x 16" x 16"
21 Queen 7'2" x 16" x 16"
22 Bishop 8'2" x 14" x 14"



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