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PRB offers two divisions to provide the highest quality products and service available.

Personal Reporting Bureau - The Mortgage Credit Reporting Specialists

Personnel Reporting Bureau - Excellence in Pre-Employment Screening

Personal Reporting Bureau,Inc. has extensive experience in providing credit reports to the mortgage companies and banks. Different types of lenders require different types of credit reports. Now, we can help you review your credit history the same way a lender does. You can rest assured that you will not be surprised when you apply for credit.

There are three established credit repositories in the United States:

Expreian (TRW), Equifax and Trans Union.

PLEASE NOTE: Each repository keeps their own record. Your credit may appear different with each repository. Mortgage applications usually require three repositories to be cross-referenced.

So even if you have seen a copy from one of the repositories, you may be surprised when you make application to obtain a loan (or other credit). In the event you haven't viewed any recent reports, you should review all three. Our order form allows you to obtain copies from any or all three of the repositories.

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