The Prophet's Handbook

(The Costs & Benefits of Propheteering)


Individuals interested in:

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Table Of Contents


  1. Daniel
  2. The Adventures Of Sir Vent
  3. Christmas
  4. Easter
  5. 666
  6. The End

Proverbs & Revelations

  1. Crisis Management Plan For Children
  2. S.O.S. -- the Game of Living
  3. Sustainability
  4. Human Induced Climate Change
  5. The Starvation Diet
  6. Emissions Trading
  7. The Tunnel Under Thesis
  8. The Golden Rule's Social Justification
  9. Flood Insurance
  10. A Widows, Widowers, Orphans & Non-orphans Fund
  11. U.S. Copyrights & Jesus Christ
  12. The Staying Alive Survival Guide

Old Testament Older Testament Tunnel Under Project

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