Rocko T. Bello

The Songs...


Merry Go Round
30 second 16bit stereo wave file - 2.7M

Don't Let It Slip Away

The Players...

Rocko T. Bello...Lead Vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards

David Eu...Guitars

Eric Brunet...Bass

Tona Cantu...Drums

Kim Richardson...Lead Vocals(Don't Let It Slip Away)

Nathalie Tremblay, Mitsy O'Rourke...Backing Vocals(Daybreak, Merry Go Round)

Richard Rosenbloom...Backing Vocals(Don't Let It Slip Away)

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Rocko T. Bello delivers a fusion of pop, funk, alternative, rock and rap in individually wrapped packages known as songs. Inspirational recipes: Elvis and/or Prince with a pinch of the British Invasion for colour.

With a Billboard Certificate of Achievement Award and a Juno (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy) under his belt, Rocko T. Bello is now center stage after being a driving force behind other artists. "Happiness is making your dream a reality." says Rocko. One listen to these addictive grooves and you'll agree."

Rocko has been in a jean ad that has appeared across Canada on the sides of buses and in metro stations. He not only writes and performs music, he produces it and also does some acting and modeling. He writes for other artists in the musical style of their choice. He writes ballads, R&B, pop, rock, alternative etc. (everything except for country and heavy metal) He does not write in the jazz vein although he is a fan of the style.

For more information contact:

Triple Joint Records

5026 West Hill Avenue

Montreal, Canada H4V-2W5


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