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Glistening Flicks' first computer driven movie, Watch For Falling Angels is a collaborative project between us and you. Not only is it an interactive web site, it is an interactive movie. Anyone interested in participating in the movie is welcome to do so ... just email

Ouch! I've just been whacked...
by a Peter Gabriel

Watch For Falling Angels

Inside Of Me Brain The Labyrinth Church of the
Falling Angel


Honey Bane

The Star

  • E-gadz... are star has gone mizzin. Mmmm...? What are we to do? We must try n' find her. And. you can help, too.

    This is fact... it ain't fiction. Perhaps it is just my Orwellian tendencies, but it seems quite possible that the system "got 'er".

  • What Happened?

    In 1994, a group of individuals made a collective decision to explore and experiment in multidimensional multimedia.

    There was a consensus on the following interests:

    In 1995, we were joined by Honey Bane. She was interested in these concepts, too. In particular, light and perception... light as opposed to darkness... er, a... as she said, "shadows". The foundation of the experimentation was in the development of the project, Watch For Falling Angels.

    After a year-and-a-half of daily involvement, she disappeared.

    In hindsight, discussions were taking place regarding two important areas:

    1. the ability to simultaneously live a *mass free life* i.e. to deal with time, energy, gravity, perception, temperature, light, without the constraint of mass.
    2. light vs. shadows i.e. an examination of how humans exist in either light or shadows... and she was involved with some real shadowy characters.

    So, where did she go? Has she been overcome by the shadows? Did she figure out how to go *mass free*? Was she forced to go completely mass free because of the shadows?

    Does she need our help... or is she reaching out... trying to help us?

    Her fingerprints are all over this project... in particular, the theme of the project: Watch For Falling Angels! (ie look-out for energy from another dimension that is passing into your existence... a multidimensional gauntlet... or, labyrinth.)

    Ironic? As we were building the entrance to The Labyrinth she vanished.

    Did she fall in? Or, did she get knocked out? Was she hit by a falling angel... or, did she become one?

    Hidden in this Labyrinth you may find the meaning of life. And, perhaps she is in there, too. Or, maybe you can at least show us the way?

    Then again, pehaps you will first need to transform your thinking with a strong dose of Self-Imposed Discipline Distortion... or, perhaps you all ready know how to fly higher than the Labyrinth's walls?

    But, a word of warning:
    These are Yzark Times that we live in....
    So, for God's sake, keep your eye out for falling angels.

    Info. on the Featured Video Download: We All Fall Down

    Hint - be careful opening Pandora's RomBox.
    (You never know what powers you might unleash.)

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    Please ... stay tuned ....

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