Glistening Flicks' first computer driven movie, "Watch For Falling Angels," is a collaborative project between us and you. Not only is it an interactive web site, it is an interactive movie. Anyone interested in participating in the movie is welcome to do so ... just email

Feel free to check out the demo of the soundtrack, "Watch For Falling Angels".


Honey Bane

Star of Stage and Screen

  • Lead Singer of Dog's Tooth Violet

  • Goddess Of Love.

  • Action

    The scene opens with live action footage. As the story progresses, computer graphic images (cgi) start infiltrating the world of the main character.

    Want to know how to get optimal video performance out of your computer? Check this out.

    Whether you care to submit cgi or similar animation, live action footage, morphed material of any kind, or just watch, you may monitor the progress right here ....

    The story is almost a classic "boy meets girl story"
    ... except in this case, the boy happens to be a prophet and the girl happens to be God.

    Heres more:

  • Outline
  • Director's Notes.
  • Lyrics.
  • What does it mean?

    Submit your material (uuencoded) or request information on email attachments, snailmail, ftp, etc. And if this is all too confusing, press the panic button on the top of the page.

    So that everyone can participate, the think-tank is currently working on basic animation programs that we hope will allow the simplest, graphic software to work with us (like the image above that was made in "Paintbrush.")

    Please ... stay tuned ....

    Created by: and [25 December94]