The Labyrinth

The water's slowly spinning round and round.
Heading, heading ever, forever down.
I hope I don't get sucked, quite right in....
Quite, right in. Quite, right in.
... not quite yet.

Forever walking round the paths,
Trying to find my way out.
Forever walking round the paths,
I will never get out....
Of the labyrinth... of the labyrinth... of the labyrinth... of the labyrinth....

But, I know...
That if we try...
Try to use our mind's eye,
We can make the walls come,
Tubmlin' down.

(Walls all around.)
Walls of the labyrinth come tumblin' down.
Walls come tumbling down.
The walls come tumbling down,
all around... all around... all around... all around.

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