Oh No, Not My Socks!
Written and Illustrated by Jane Kavanagh Morton

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Oh no, not my socks!
My feet have to go where there might be rocks.
My feet are happy when they are bare.
They like to run and have not a care.

But, they will not be happy for long.
Mom is singing her "Put on Your Socks" song.

"Your socks, your socks must be on your feet. momsock.jpg
Please hurry, please smalleyesock.jpg hurry so I won't weep.
The day, the day is starting you see.
So your feet, your feet can no longer be free!"

somethinglives.jpg But, something lives down deep in there.
It could even be an overripe pear.
My feet would like to sneak away,
But then, how could we start the day?

Mom just doesn't understand!
She wants to know, "Is it sand?" sandsock.jpg
"Tell me! Tell me!" she demands.

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