Web-Widgettes (TM)

Web-Widgettes is the oldest and only distributor of world wide web widgets. What is a Web-Widgette? It walks. It talks. It crawls on it's belly like a reptile.

See it here ....

We have two models of Web-Widgettes.
  • The Regular Web-Widgette
  • The Webdrone-Web-Widgete

    Hear it here ....

    If you have never heard a web widget, this might be the right time. (First, can your computer hear sound? Click here if you are not sure.)

    Click here to hear the sweat sound of the Web-Widgette mating call.

    One thin dime. One tenth of a dollar.

    Everyone should own one. Now you can, too. Just enter your information below ....

    Are you still with me? Here is an important division. We are moving from advertising to completing a transaction. Two separate areas of a web: the information pages and the "form" pages.

    Web pages for information.

    The text, still pictures, moving pictures, and sound files that make-up a web have different costs associating with them. There is the actual conversion of information into web format. There is the size of the file. The bigger the file the more space it takes up on a computers hard drive, as well as, the space it takes up on the internet phone lines. Your budget will dictate the intensity and density of your web pages.

    Web pages as forms.

    Forms are the most important part of your web space. Here you can gather information and/or complete a transaction. A form that just gathers information is a cheap and easy way to gain leads. A form that completes a transaction is in essence running at least 90% of your business. It is possible to have someone make a purchase on the spot. The more complicated the transaction the more expensive the form.

    Give thought to what you want in your form. Here are our forms for renting web space:

    For the beginner, we suggest the Home Page Kit. For those individuals with an idea of what to do, we suggest that the weaving commence.

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