Videographer and Animation Wizard


Let's make movies!!!


Located in the Jemez (HAYmez) Mountains of Northern New Mexico,
70 miles north of Albuquerque, 70 mi. NW of Santa Fe.

Willie was born in 1955, a native of the Atomic City of Los Alamos. Ruth came to New Mexico in 1989 from Flagstaff Arizona. We met on a non-commercial trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Willie has worked with computers since the first Timex PC came out. He has enjoyed NC machines, Card punch, HP, C-64, IBM, Digital, Mac, and Power PC. Ruth has picked up computing within the last couple of years and has helped with the scripting of an Expedition Cook Book, and a 30 minute Hi-res Grand Canyon movie titled River Views.

Willie has been a member of the multimedia project since early on.

He spends his spare time white water rafting and...
his spare time outside of his spare time shooting, editing, and
animating video. Warning-1.3Mb file...Do you have an hour or so?

Here are some more:


Power Mac 8100/110, 50MB RAM, 2Gb int. HD, 9Gb ex. HD., 200MB Syquest Drive, VideoVis board, HP Scanjet IIC Scanner, Global Village 28.8 fax/modem.


Adobe Premier, Adobe PhotoShop, Windows 3.2, MiniCad, and much more.

Some of Willie's handiwork includes Skiing in Aspen-729k mov file and
contributions to "The Ride" 318k avi file video and animation- 563k mov file as seen in the upcoming video of "The Labyrinth"