Watch For Falling Angels!

Originally deployed in 1994, the Watch For Falling Angels soundtrack project has turned into the series of concerts listed below.

The music and words are about prophecy, realized eschatology, fallen angels, the Devil, Lucifer, Hell, Tartarus, being diabolical, Satan, Prince Of Darkness, The Darkside, shadows, evil, shaman, priests, sages, monks, prophets, holy men, Ministers, preachers, God, The Force, Allah, the convergence of The Light, and other similar notions.

The notes and utterings are as revealed to me by an unnamed sage. I have attempted to relay them to you in an unadulterated form; however, I do fear that I have failed. In any event, the course of conversation does not appear to be linear. And, to some… the simplicity may inhibit the ability to hear.

In my copious spare time, I shall attempt to scribe some lyrics. Occasionally, I may be able to shed some light on that which is "of the spirit". Especially, when there are no words. But, the best method is for self-ingestion… in large loud doses… or through headphones. One should attempt to be one.

For fun, we might want to tackle a few of the moral and ethical questions of our day? Whatever you guys are up for is alright with me.

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All music is handcrafted.

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