The Sequence of Events For Watch For Falling Angels

  • featuring performances by

    Dog's Tooth Violet
    Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers

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  • I. Introduction
  • Hello? ... introducing C. Moore Teetes
  • You've Gotta Get There First ... meet the boy

    II. Open Your Mind

  • Break On Through ... a day in the life of ....
  • Take A Ride ? ... to the other side

    III. The Problem

  • Bottomless Pit ... darkness seeps through the seams, it seems
  • With Their Eyes Closed ... the future is now, boy
  • Social Problems ... i got social problems?
  • Let The Wagons Roll ... pave it for money
  • Mindlame ... and not gonna take it any more
  • Inner Fear ... on the run from who? me?
  • King Of Police ... fair? who said fair?
  • Father Time (Chronos)

    IV. The Quest for the Solution

  • If I Have to Stay ... i think i'm startin' to get the big picture
  • The Ride
  • You're Killing Me: mankind
  • Apocalyptic Vision ... i've got something, i've gotta get through
  • In A Land ... the waiting room for souls ... watcha' gonna do, boy?
  • Sorry (Gonna Die?)

    V. Point Of Realization - The Pro's & Con's of Propheteering

  • Surprise! ... and who said love was for sissies?
  • Hole
  • Screamin' F.Y.L.
  • Deviant

    V. Conclusion

  • Can't You Live Without?
  • Soul Manic
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